ALERT: AUGUST 1, 2018 - TECHNICAL UPDATE 3 is now available for all REX Worldwide Airports HD users! To update, please use the CHECK FOR UPDATE feature within the application. This update also includes compatibility for Prepar3D v.4! IMPORTANT: This update is mandatory for ALL users.
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Really good add on, it does everything as advertised. I'm sure I will spend many hrs exploring the options. You can save many custom files. No big impact on frame rates.
Clifton Croom
This takes the generic FSX airports and really makes them look more like payware. Very nice. I use this and REX 4 with Rex soft clouds. Just makes the overall experience great and the software is easy to install and configure.
Christopher Hague
I just installed the software and did a few short flights to check out the airports and I think (Wow someone finally got it right). I was surprised at how easy the installation and product setup went. I have purchased many addon products for FSX and P3D flight simulators but this is one of the most worth while I have ever added and it works as advertised. It dose everything it claims it can do and it's very easy to set it up to do it. You really need to see the improvement to FSX airports to understand how much it adds to the flight sim. I was surprised at what it really added and I find it well worth the purchase price after just a few flights. I have paid more for other products that did not even come close to delivering what was advertised. Nice job REX you did get it right.
Darrin Rawlings
Well....I like this product baby. I just installed it and I immediately notice a difference in the texture qualities. I am using P3D 3.3.x and haven't found any bug's yet. Now I am just waiting for this new environmental package to be released and I will be all set. I just wanted to report that it is AOK from this end.
Tim S Dickerson
Hi Guys, I waited 24 hours to purchase and the process from purchase to install took less than 10 minutes and setting up the theme was very intuitive. I loaded up P3D at KGEG (Spokane, WA) which is a default airport even though I have all the Orbx products for N. America the resulting update was fantastic. It finally "looks" like a real airport.
Mike Adamo
Firstly I'm running P3D on a fast i7 with a GTX 1080 card with lots of ORBX add-ons and REX texture direct. I'm fortunate that the sim scenery wise looks absolutely stunning and for me this product has added to my overall enjoyment of the Sim. My home airport is YBCG which is a default airport and WAHD has greatly enhanced this airport from the runway textures and grass to the buildings and airport vehicles. It makes it much more enjoyable to fly in and out of this airport now. For me this alone is worth the price, not counting the many many other default airports I will fly into that have been enhanced. The configuration program is the normal REX high quality with an excellent choice of textures and models available that are easy to install. Plus it gives the option to take a backup of existing textures before installing so it's easy to go back to this if you have any problems. Thanks REX for adding to my continued enjoyment of P3D at a price less than any single payware airport I have purchased.
Paul Watts